Fantastic Fritillaries

Restoring Broad Meadow

Broad Meadow, a large floodplain meadow in the heart of Tamworth, is considered a ‘rose in the crown’ of the Tamworth Borough Council owned estate and is a designated Local Nature Reserve. The site is one of two key locations in Staffordshire for the growth of a rare native flower, the Snake’s-Head Fritillary. Large populations of the fritillaries present in Broad Meadow means the site is considered extremely important by local naturalists. So much so, in fact, that volunteers have worked hard over the years to help conserve these beautiful flowers by mowing small areas of the meadow. Through the Fantastic Fritillaries project, these efforts will be able to be continued through work supported by TVWLPS to restore the site, ensure it is maintained properly and continues to be valued and appreciated by the local public.

Fritillaries in Broad Meadow.

With funding from our National Heritage Lottery Funding (NHLF) Landscape Partnership, our Fantastic Fritillaries project involves using traditional land management methods to restore the wildflower meadow, reinstate grazing management and ensure the fritillary population thrives. Work including annual mowing of vegetation and livestock grazing will help the fritillaries compete against taller vegetation growing in the meadow, making sure they continue to grow well.

The Snake’s Head Fritillary is a rare and beautiful native flower growing in Broad Meadow.