Acronym Decoder

We try to keep our language straightforward, but it’s sometimes all too easy to use jargon.

The environment sector is full of acronyms, just like most professions, so here’s a list of some of the main ones that you might find on our website or in our LCAP (Landscape Conservation Action Plan!), or that you might hear people using. Please let us know if you have any more that we can add!

AOD  –  Above Ordnance Datum

B&BCWT  –  Birmingham and the Black Country Wildlife Trust

CaBA  –  Catchment-Based Approach

CFE  –  Campaign for the Farmed Environment

CMP  –  Catchment Management Plan

CRT  –  Canal and River Trust

CSF  –  Catchment Sensitive Farming

DAP  –  Developing Audience Participation

DEFRA  –  Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

EA  –  Environment Agency

ha  –  Hectare

HBA  –  Habitat Biodiversity Audit

HER  –  Historic Environment Record

HLF  –  Heritage Lottery Fund

HoeCF  –  Heart of England Community Foundation

HS2  –  High Speed Rail 2

LBAP  –  Local Biodiversity Action Plan

LCAP  –  Landscape Conservation Action Plan

LEP  –  Local Enterprise Partnership

LGS  –  Local Geological Site

LiDAR  –  LiDAR is a remote-sensing technology (from combining the words light and radar)

LNP  –  Local Nature Partnership

LNR  –  Local Nature Reserve

LWS (pLWS)  –  Local Wildlife Site (potential Local Wildlife Site)

MTP  –  Medium Term Plan (Environment Agency)

NCA  –  National Character Area

NE  –  Natural England

NEET  –  Not in Employment, Education or Training (a person)

NIA  –  Nature Improvement Area

NFM  –  Natural Flood Management

NFU  –  National Farmers’ Union

NWBC  –  North Warwickshire Borough Council

OCN  –  Open College Network

OS  –  Ordnance Survey

PPE  –  Personal Protective Equipment

RoW  –  Right of Way

RSPB  –  Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

RSWT  –  Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts

SCC   –  Staffordshire County Council

SSSI  –  Site of Special Scientific Interest

ST  –  Severn Trent

SWT  –  Staffordshire Wildlife Trust

TAM CP  –  Tame Anker Mease Catchment Partnership

TBC  –  Tamworth Borough Council

TVWLP  –  Tame Valley Wetlands Landscape Partnership

TVWLPS  –  Tame Valley Wetlands Landscape Partnership Scheme

WAT  –  Wild about Tamworth (project)

WBRC  –  Warwickshire Biological Records Centre

WCC  –  Warwickshire County Council

WFD  –  Water Framework Directive

WMBC  –  West Midland Bird Club

WWT  –  Warwickshire Wildlife Trust