UPDATED tender request: Crowdsourced Cultural Heritage Project (Telling the Tale of the Tame)

The Tame Valley Wetlands Landscape Partnership Scheme (TVWLPS) are looking for consultants to deliver a crowdsourced cultural heritage project.

Brief re-issued on 26th April with new deadline of 17th May 2017, 11am.


The overall aim of this project is to explore the cultural and less tangible heritage of the Tame Valley Wetlands area, by working with local communities to record and share their memories and experiences, unlocking the hidden stories within the landscape.

The TVWLP Scheme HistoryPin tool is at the centre of this project. This is an online space where people can share memories of the local area in the shape of text, photos or videos. The memories will be mapped on a map of the Tame Valley Wetlands area, allowing people to search and share local heritage information. This tool will thus act as a social tool for sharing memories, but also as a database to ensure the legacy of the information collected.

 We require a consultant to:

  • Engage with the local community, encouraging them to use the tool.
    • Online “campaigns” on social media focussing on separate themes such as: mining and industry, landmarks, historical events, life stories of people born in the area etc. lasting throughout the duration of the project.
    • Engaging with local heritage groups to ensure they are involved in the project, and find ways to use the tools to reach their own objectives, throughout the duration of the project.
    • Engaging with schools and encourage them to use this tool, for example by getting children to speak with their grandparents about their memories, and sharing the results online (May -July 2017).
    • Attending local community events and getting people to participate on the spot, using a tablet computer (July-September 2017).
  • Collate and process information submitted via online tools and supplement it with own research to produce a book and mobile exhibition merging the history of the area and personal memories thus “Telling the Tale of the Tame” (October – December 2017):
    • Producing 5 press releases sharing memories on set themes, throughout the life of the project.
    • Promote the book to the local community through schools, libraries, parish councils and community hubs.
    • Develop an exhibition with the creation of portable and engaging interpretation for use in public spaces as above.

If you are interested, please download the brief by clicking here: TVWLPS Telling the Tale of The Tame Brief

For more information contact Rita Gries.