Providing Training and Skills

There were seven projects under this programme, linking closely with all other scheme projects. We delivered a wide range of taster sessions and events accessible to a wide range of audiences. We carried out informal training in heritage for landowners and local people, particularly focused on cultural heritage and research. We also carried out more in-depth research studies and mapping with local colleges and universities looking into the impacts of the work we carry out, particularly under the ‘Creating and Restoring Built and Natural Heritage’ programme.

There was also a comprehensive capacity building project to help train local volunteers and Partnership staff, and encourage knowledge and best-practice sharing. This was an important project in terms of legacy – equipping local people, groups and organisations with the skills they need to continue work after the scheme has finished. Along a similar line, the scheme aimed to provide more formal, accredited training for local people wishing to gain new skills. These opportunities will be particularly valuable for local people not currently in education, employment or training, or for people looking for a change of career into the heritage or environmental sector.

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