Himalayan Balsam meets its match!

Himalayan balsam is meeting its match right now in the Tame Valley Wetlands scheme area thanks to the support from Banister Charitable Trust!

This important funding is enabling us to work with our partners to tackle this highly invasive non-native species using a combination of people power and rust fungus!

Current estimates suggest that non native species cost the UK £1.7 billion each year. Himalayan balsam is just one plant which has continued to invade.  The plant efficiently spreads through seed dispersal, with each plant producing up to 2500 seeds that are released and catapulted to a distance of up to seven metres.  It is then widely spread through rivers and flood events, colonising river banks and connected wetland to create dense stands of plants which degrades our native habitats and reducing its biodiversity value and ecosystem service.

Over the next 18 months with funding from Banister Charitable Trust and support from our partners, we aim to:-

  • reduce the coverage of Himalayan balsam across 6 project sites
  • enhance 6 sites by the installation of coir matting, seeding and native plug plants
  • reduce erosion and siltation due to more stabilised soils on 6 sites
  • Introduce rust fungus at 5 sites
  • reduce the subsequent regrowth of Himalayan balsam in future years due to the impact of the rust fungus

Keep tuned in to follow our progress.

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If you would like to know more, get involved or need advice please contact the office on 01675 470917 or email enquiries@tamevalleywetlands.co.uk