Vegging out

The vegetable patches at Hams Hall Environmental Centre are coming along nicely! Click on the link below to read more how Andrew created our no-dig beds.


We have even been able to harvest some produce already – radishes were on the menu for lunch today. Radish grow well in colder weather, under a fleece cover, and they taste fresh and sweet this time of year as opposed to the peppery hot ones that grow late in spring. The broad beans are growing very well and so far have withstood several nights’ frost without attracting any of the resident squirrels, rabbits or voles…. however the resident voles did find a way past the fleece in one of the no-dig beds and have demolished a whole lot of lettuce, pak choi and broccoli seedlings!

Our big compost heap stopped producing heat a few weeks ago as we added too many dry ingredients. However, after a thorough turn and adding some comfrey, nettles and water, it is now a steaming hot 50 degrees C again! Once the temperature drops again it will be ready to use.

Stay tuned as we are getting ready for some exciting plans in the spring and summer as well as creating more beds.


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