River Restoration at Kingshurst Brook – FAQ

Please see below for some frequently asked questions about our current works on the Kinghurst Brook, Meriden Park.

What are you doing?

We will be restoring the Kingshurst Brook to its natural channel in the area of the boating lake. A dipping platform will also be installed following the completion of the works to the stream.

Why is it happening?

These works are necessary to help improve the water quality of the Kingshurst Brook, make it a better habitat for wildlife such as fish, insects and birds and therefore make it a more attractive place for people.

We will remove the temporary sheet piling in the lake and convert the former lake back to a functional stream.
Narrowing of the lake will result in it taking its original form of a stream with the additional benefits of reductions in silt and unpleasant smell.
Some tree works will be undertaken along the banks, this will be coppicing and pollarding. No clear felling will take place. This will allow access for machinery and also allow wetland plants to establish by increasing sunlight levels. Coppiced and pollarded willow will grow back and their lifespan will actually increase. Willow responds very well to coppicing.
We will plant the banks with appropriate wetland plants and trees.

When is it happening?

The contractor is hoping to be on site form mid-October to late November, however this is subject to change depending on weather conditions.

But weren’t works undertaken in 2019?

Yes, initial works were undertaken by Solihull MBC in 2019 but we had to wait until now for the banks to establish to undertake further narrowing works. This will include removing the temporary plastic sheeting used as part of the 2019 works.

What is LYRiC?

Love Your River Cole (LYRiC) is a partnership of 8 organisations led by the Tame Valley Wetlands Team at Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, working together to improve the River Cole corridor for people and wildlife. This includes work on the ground such as at Kingshurst Brook, Castle Bromwich Parkland, Glebe Farm in Birmingham and Cole End Park in North Warwickshire. The project also provides local people and young people from the area with traineeships and other training opportunities working with The Prince’s Trust.
We have been delivering habitat improvements at project sites with the help of volunteers, such as removing invasive Himalayan balsam at Babbs Mill LNR and Cole End Park LNR. As we head into autumn and winter we will be undertaking some habitat management along the river in both Babbs Mill Park LNR and Cole Bank Park LNR. This will include opening up some areas of dense vegetation to allow light in and encourage plants to thrive. We will also be opening up some of the overgrown pathways so it is easier to walk around and enjoy these parks.

Who is doing the work?

The work is being undertaken by specialist contractors Ecosulis and will be managed by Tame Valley Wetlands (part of Warwickshire Wildlife Trust). The work is being funded through The National Lottery Heritage Fund’s Green Recovery Challenge Fund and the Environment Agency. Some of the restoration work will then be undertaken by local volunteers.

What disruption will there be?

We are hoping to keep disruption to a minimum for local residents and users of Meriden Park. All works will be undertaken between 7:30 and 17:00. No footpaths will be closed as part of the work. Banksmen will be on site to coordinate the infrequent vehicle movements across the footpaths.
Deliveries to site:
There will be a site speed limit of 5mph. The haul route will be demarcated using road pins and orange barrier fencing. Haul route crossing points will be demarcated with either metal or plastic pedestrian barriers. These barriers will remain open during the day and night and will only be closed during vehicle movements.
Aluminum trackway will be installed to minimise ground disturbance. Any damaged ground will be rotovated, levelled and seeded with appropriate seed mix once works are completed.
To limit disruption for people it is expected that the material deliveries will be limited to 2-3 per day. Deliveries will take place outside of the school pick up and drop off times.
It is not expected the work will generate increased noise and the site is away from residential areas. All work is to be carried out on weekdays between 07.30 and 17.00, weather and available daylight permitting. Machinery will only be operated between 08:00 and 17:00.

How can I find out more?

More information on the scheme and progress of the project will be posted on the Tame Valley Wetlands website (tamevalleywetlands.co.uk) and on our social media channels. In addition, staff will be on hand during the project to answer questions. If you have any particular comments or queries about the project please email enquiries@tamevalleywetlands.co.uk or phone 01675470917.

How can I be involved?

A major part of LYRiC is working with local communities and delivering community events in the area. If you would like to volunteer or would like to attend one of our events, please don’t hesitate to get in touch through the contact links above

Read more about the LYRiC project here.

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